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The goal of this project is to make USC’s unique collection of Russian Satirical Journals produced during the revolutionary upheaval of 1905-1907 available on line, accompanied by a searchable database which will offer detailed information on these rare periodicals, those who produced them, and their cultural and historical context.

The Revolution of 1905, sometimes referred to as “the first Russian Revolution,” was a period of major social, political and cultural upheaval. Catalyzed by Russia’s defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 and inaugurated by the killing of unarmed protesters on what became known as “Bloody Sunday” (January 22 [January 9 Old Style], 1905), the revolution led to the end to Russian autocracy and the country’s first experiment in constitutional democracy.

The Satirical Journals are a phenomenon of remarkable cultural exuberance and diversity. Revolutionary conditions led to major reforms in the press law and a period of unprecedented freedom of expression that found dramatic expression in these illustrated periodicals. The journals represent a collaboration of some of the best artists, writers, and illustrators of the time—including Leonid Andreev, Leon Bakst, Alexander Benois, Ivan Bilibin, Ivan Bunin, Kornei Chukovsky, Mstislav Dobuzhinskii, Maksim Gorky, Boris Kustodiev, Evgenii Lansere, Leonid Pasternak, Fedor Sologub, Konstantin Somov, and many others.

The satirical journals were decidedly a phenomenon of popular culture, with immediate impact on the street, although many of the writers and artists who took part belonged to the artistic elite, including those from the “World of Art” group. These were mass-circulation periodicals with an overall circulation estimated at close to thirty million issues. Note that while these publications are referred to as “journals,” many are actually closer to newspapers or broadsheets, many of them printed on newsprint. USC’s collection contains approximately 150 Russian-language titles in about 600 issues with over 6500 pages of text. (There are also several in Ukrainian.)

Together with their rich artistic and literary interest, the satirical journals chronicle a complex and important episode in Russian political, social and cultural life, and provide first-hand material on such issues as the birth of legal Russian party politics; strikes, unions and labor relations; censorship and the press; foreign affairs; pogroms and anti-Semitism. While the majority of these journals were politically liberal, there are also anti-Semitic satirical journals in the collection. Journals published not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but across the Russian Empire and in many of its languages, including Yiddish. Ukrainian, Armenian, Polish, Estonian, and Georgian.

Digitization will be done to current best practices standards for the imaging of cultural heritage materials, and cataloguing will be done in accordance with best practices for creation of qualified Dublin Core metadata. The site and datatbases will be bi-lingual—in English and Russian, and stored in the USC Libraries Digital Archive so that the metadata will be made available for harvesting by other institutions through USC’s OAI-PMH data provider.


Project Team: Marcus Levitt, Professor, Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Deborah Holmes-Wong, Associate Director, Integrated Library Systems - Principal Investigators; Bhagirathi Subrahamyan, Head of Cataloging Unit and Metadata Analyst.

Giao Baker, Digital Imaging Manager; Cyrus Farajpour, System Administrator; Matt Gainer, Director, USC Digital Library; Joyce Ouchida, Senior Web Developer; Zahid Rafique, MIS Director; Yuri Shcherbina, Metadata Manager; Wayne Shoaf, Director of Technical Services.

Graduate Research Assistants: Adele Di Ruocco, Asya Vanyakina, Oleg Minin (PhD 2008), Anya Krivoruchko, Natalia Dame, Bernadetta Palumbo, Assel Mukhametzhanova (Muskie Fellowship Intern).

Undergraduate Research Assistants: Marsha Lubinsky, Emily Friedman, Anna Holmes, Joe Hannon, Darya Zakharova, Jenny Huang, Nune Grigoryan.



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